What it means to be part of Griffin Schools Trust

Proud Traditions:

“Schools have histories and contexts and are rooted in local communities. In recognition of and in respect for this, the Trust seeks to strengthen each school’s uniqueness and to share ideas and expertise in a simple framework of give and get through which schools support, energise and inspire each other.”



Wide Horizons:

“We share a conviction that great schools are built on rich extra-curricular programmes and high quality pastoral care as well as an inspiring curriculum, expertly taught. The Trust builds community and communality and promotes unity, not uniformity. “



High Achievement:

“We know there are no limits for students and staff where commitment and enjoyment go hand in hand…if you attend a Trust School as a pupil, you know you will be supported as a person, encouraged to explore and experiment, challenged to learn the discipline of becoming expert as well as inspired to achieve your personal best.”



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The definition of ‘high achievement’ is not limited to academic excellence alone: we are concerned with the holistic wellbeing of all individuals within the community of Nicholas Chamberlaine School. To this end, an equal significance is observed between our academic and non-academic curricular provision.


Our non-academic curricular provision can be grouped into three categories:


  1. Extra-Curricular provision: voluntary clubs and societies discrete to the taught curriculum
  2. More-Curricular provision: additional academic support, supporting students to realise their potential.
  3. Curricular Enrichment: events beyond the scope of the school itself, such as educational visits or visiting performances.