Update from Toye Kenning

Due to government guidelines we are currently unable to allow any garments to be tried on in our shop. Our fitting rooms will remain closed until the guidelines change.


Government guidelines state “Fitting rooms should be closed wherever possible given the challenges in operating them safely” and “any clothes that have been tried-on or returned by customers must be quarantined for 72 hours in a separate room or container before going back onto the shop floor”.


We are following guidelines closely to keep our customers and staff safe, as I am sure you understand we do not want to put anyone in the community at unnecessary risk.


With this in mind we have extended our returns policy from 30-45 days and we have added extra advice and links to our website to try and assist families with their purchases.


We recommend that parents purchase items which can be tried on at home, if they do not fit, they can be returned to us (during collections times) and we will do our best to give an alternative size as quickly as possible.


The shop will be open from the 3rd of August with restricted access. We will be open for collections and returns only, in order to manage the flow of people. Any enquiries should still be directed to the email address enquiries@theclasscollections.com which we are monitoring daily.