School Dress


• Embroidered Charcoal Grey Blazer – available from Toye, Kenning and Spencer
• Burgundy and Gold Tie – available from Toye, Kenning and Spencer
• White collared shirt or blouse with top button
• Tailored loose fitting black trousers/knee length tailored skirt
• Black socks or black opaque tights when worn with skirts
• Black shoes (not boots or trainers) must be leather type, polishable, black and plain.

Optional Items only available from Toye, Kenning and Spencer
• Burgundy V Neck Acrylic Sweater
• Burgundy Cardigan

Other Items
• Coats must be plain black, navy blue or burgundy. No hoodies or logo-laden coats can be worn.
• No denim is permitted.
• Belts must be black, functional and worn to hold up trousers i.e. not an accessory.
• Bags must be large enough to hold an A4 file, stationery and P.E. kit.
• Hats can only be worn outside of the school buildings and must be woollen and black in colour.
• Jewellery is unacceptable, apart from a small pair of ear studs – this means rings, necklaces, bracelets and body piercings are all not acceptable.
• Make-up should be minimal, no nail varnish.
• Extremes of hairstyle/hair colour are not acceptable.
• Mobile phones are not to be used in school at any time including break and lunch times. If they are brought to school they must be switched off at all times.


• Nicholas Chamberlaine black/House colour polo shirt.
• Black shorts or plain black tracksuit bottoms (not leggings)
• Black football socks
• Training shoes with non-marking soles, not school shoes
• Football boots and gum shields are safety recommendations.


• A school bag which must be suitable for carrying a wide A4 lever arch file, equipment and text books.
• The Student Planner is essential for every lesson.
• Pen(s) including a green pen, pencil(s), rubber, ruler.
• A calculator.
• Coloured pencils and highlighters are useful but not compulsory.
• The school will provide a wide red A4 file, exercise books, folders and textbooks. These items are loaned to students. Loss or damage will result in a request for the cost of replacement. Each day student’s will need to bring their red file and correct books for that day.
• In some subjects, staff can arrange, on request, additional books to be purchased.
• Reading book.