Letter to Parents of Year 12 Students

As you may be aware, I have recently been appointed Head of Sixth Form, having previously worked as a Head of Year at a secondary school in London. This is an exciting opportunity for me and I very much look forward to meeting with you in the coming weeks and months. It is evident that Nicholas Chamberlaine students are determined to achieve the very best from their education, and this is no less true for those studying in the sixth form.

Over the next few weeks, the majority of Year 12 students will be undertaking exams. Understandably, this is a stressful time for all, but I have no doubt that with proper preparation, our students will achieve the grades that they deserve. With changes to the exam system imminent, these results are important for a number of reasons; the most important being that they are a strong indicator of a student’s likely progress in Year 13. Where a student significantly underperforms or their attendance is poor (below 90%), then it will be necessary to consider if progress into Year 13 would be appropriate. For the vast majority of students, this will not be the case – their success in Year 12 being the foundation on which they can move to a university, career or apprenticeship of their choice.

With exams beginning shortly, I would confirm that there is no study leave. Students should attend lessons for each of their subjects as normal, until the final exam takes place in that subject. This will allow students to have a dialogue with their teachers and identify areas of strength and improvement.

Following the end of exams, normal lessons will resume on Monday 8th June. This is a critical period of time, as it provides an opportunity for students to begin their studies in readiness for Year 13. Students will not be permitted to drop any subject until after the results have been published in August. From Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th June, Year 12 students will have the opportunity to take part in a series of progression events; which includes a visit to UCAS conference at Aston University. This is a valuable opportunity for all students, not just those who are considering an application to university. Attendance on these days is compulsory for all. A more detailed programme will be sent out shortly, along with a consent form.

Once again, I very much look forward to working with you and have no doubt that with your support every Nicholas Chamberlaine sixth form student will fulfil their potential and progress onto the university, career or apprenticeship of their choice. In the meantime, should you wish to contact me then please feel free to do so, either by telephone or email: A.Parsons-Moore@nicholaschamberlaine.co.uk

Yours sincerely,

Alex Parsons-Moore
Head of Sixth Form