Pastoral information

At Nicholas Chamberlaine, students are expected to demonstrate and develop good S.P.I.R.I.T values (Self-Management, Perseverance, Independence, Reflection, Innovation and Team Work). To enhance the SPIRIT values students are expected to be involved in a range of learning experiences beyond the classroom, to ensure a broad education that prepares them for life. We expect students to be confident and try new things. To help students with this, students are put into a tutor group. Each tutor will know the members of their group very well and encourage them to succeed. The tutor will support students by promoting good attendance, high standards of behaviour and uniform and encouraging students to participate fully in school life, so they can become “Successful Learners and World Citizens”.


The Pastoral System is organised in year groups and as well as a tutor each student will have a Head of Year. These are very experienced members of staff who along with their tutor team will oversee the welfare of all students. Together they will provide support to students in all aspects of school life. They are the main links between school and home. Students will see their tutor every morning, meaning the tutor is well placed for getting to know each student in their group.


Each tutor group belongs to one of four houses – Cook, Livingstone, Kingsley and Drake, four British explorers who had the courage and determination to go beyond what others had done before them. The House system provides opportunity for students to do this while also giving students a sense of belonging and a chance for friendly competition.


Assistant Head, Pastoral – Matt Smith

Assistant Head Post 16 – Rhona Bayliss

Head of Year 7 – Angela Flounders

Head of Year 8 – Jo Coupland

Head of Year 9 – Anita Morgan

Head of Year 10 – Paula Shaw

Head of Year 11 – Andrea Darley

Post 16 pastoral support- Gemma Robertson