Moving up to Nicholas Chamberlaine School


Welcome to our 2021 year 7 students

Message from the Executive Head

Dear NCS families,


Welcome to Nicholas Chamberlaine School at the heart of the Bedworth community. And welcome to the Griffin Schools Trust.


We are delighted that you have chosen Nicholas Chamberlaine to continue your child’s education and grateful that you have entrusted this most precious person to our care. As a Griffin school, we look forward to working in partnership with you to foster courage, wisdom and leadership within your child.


Moving from Year 6 into secondary school can cause mixed emotions for children and their families. This may be joy and excitement for some looking forward to new learning experiences but may cause anxiety and worry for others. Our passionate and highly qualified staff will ensure your child feels welcome, supported and academically challenged.


Your child is about to join and enrich a fabulous and unique school full of exciting opportunities. Each year 7 student will have the opportunities afforded by our Griffin Promise, including learning to play a musical instrument, performing for different audiences, having a week dedicated to creativity through the Griffin Arts Festival, access to a range of enrichment activities, clubs, societies, and brave new environments.


NCS staff are some of the most forward- thinking, cohesive and committed teachers and, as the school moves from strength to strength on its journey to Griffin Great, we will settle for nothing less than each student’s personal best in attitudes, aptitudes, aspirations and abilities. Achievements are celebrated and challenges are supported and overcome.


Please know that your thoughts and opinions matter and we welcome feedback to ensure that our school is the best it can possibly be. By working together, we can achieve the very best for your child.


We look forward to watching your children flourish into well-rounded, confident citizens of the world.


Best wishes,

Alison Ramsay

Meet the Tutors:



7CFL (Replacing 7MWL)








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