Curriculum details

Successful learners

Our curriculum enables students to develop a wide range of skills, both learning and interpersonal. This means that our students are taught skills and attributes that are transferable across the different subjects that they are studying now, and across a variety of tasks they may undertake in their future lives.
From Year 7, students are taught a balanced range of subjects covering the requirements of the National Curriculum to provide all with a solid platform for success at GCSE and beyond. Progress is monitored closely and we support students in becoming the best they can be through high quality teaching and timely intervention. Subjects are taught in ability groups for the most part at KS3 and in core subjects at KS4. The setting of these classes is regularly reviewed.


Personal touch

We get to know our students well: their strengths, their areas for development and their potential. As a result we are able to ensure that we personalise the curriculum to meet the wishes and needs of all alongside the core subjects. Students and parents are supported in making future choices through each transitional phase and at KS4 students have four option choices to make to shape their learning from a wide range of traditional academic subjects such as History and Geography, and vocational subjects such as Beauty, Construction and Catering.
We are constantly quality assuring our curricular provision to ensure that we are offering the best courses to meet the demands and needs of our students, and as such we are currently undertaking a major review into the shape of our curriculum for implementation in September 2015 at all keystages.