All Griffin Schools Trust schools share a conviction that rich co-curricular programmes underpin an inspiring curriculum.We believe every child should have the opportunity to experience and perform alongside professional performing and visual artists and musicians and that arts and culture should be an integral part of every child’s learning experience.



Nicholas Chamberlaine is proud to have achieved the prestigious Artsmark Gold Award, which recognises and celebrates our school’s commitment to embedding arts and culture at its heart. The Artsmark Award has been created to help unlock the potential of children and young people, to develop their character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding. In short, Artsmark has been designed to bring the arts and culture to life in every classroom.


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The Artsmark panel shared the following comment about Nicholas Chamberlain’s submission:


“Nicholas Chamberlaine is to be commended for its on-going commitment to providing a diverse range of art and cultural activities for pupils.


Collaboration across the academy, like ‘The Big Draw’ and ‘A Day with Shakespeare’, have helped to maintain the profile of the arts across the school. It is also positive that 520 pupils have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in year 7 and 8 and to read how you have developed a partnership with MiSST and Warwickshire music in order to develop this initiative.


You have also provided a range of opportunities for students to perform, exhibit and celebrate their work. Students have also had the opportunity to develop their own choreographed routines performing these at both local and county events.


You have successfully raised the formal and academic achievements of pupils and considerably enhanced the profile of arts across the wider school community”


Nicholas Chamberlaine MiSST and Warwickshire Music Hub Partnership



One of the special opportunities of a place at Nicholas Chamberlaine School is the entitlement to receive three years of FREE tuition on an orchestral instrument. This is provided through our partnership with the Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST) and the Warwickshire Music Hub. This is only available in eighteen schools in the whole of England, and we are very proud to be the only school in the Midlands providing this.


MiSST is a charitable Trust that is committed to enabling their partner school’s access to the resources necessary to raise academic achievement through the provision of musical tuition on an orchestral instrument. Although this may sound at first to be an unlikely outcome, there is a growing bank of research to show that children who learn an instrument have increased self confidence, higher levels of resilience, greater concentration, and improved academic attainment. This is why we at Nicholas Chamberlaine believe and invest in this programme.


A high profile sponsor and supporter of the MiSST programme is Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the composer of so many fabulous musicals, including “Phantom of the Opera”, and “School of Rock”.


Every child in Key Stage 3 is provided with their own instrument for which they are personally responsible. Tuition is provided in small group settings of 6 – 8 students as part of their weekly music lesson. In between lessons, students are expected to take their instrument home and undertake regular practice to develop their skills, as part of their homework routine.


Currently we offer lessons on Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Euphonium.


We believe that learning an instrument should primarily be fun and fulfilling. Therefore, during their time at Nicholas Chamberlaine, alongside the fulfilment of learning to play an instrument to a good standard, students are offered the opportunity to experience a range of concerts, visits and workshops that will enrich their lives forever.


Drama Partnership with Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation (Coram SSF)




Nicholas Chamberlaine School is recognised as a Bronze Shakespeare School. This means we have been recognised and appreciated by Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation (Coram SSF) for achievements in our commitment to creativity.


Coram SSF is a cultural education charity that gives young people across the UK the confidence to succeed in life. The world’s largest youth drama festival lies at the heart. Every year, thousands of pupils across the country from every community and background participate. Months of preparation culminate in exhilarating performance evenings in professional theatres nationwide, which gives confidence and self-esteem that lasts a lifetime.


Shakespeare wrote of both royalty and rebels and we believe his plays are the best way to bring people together; from uniting a cast to bringing a community into a theatre. We know that what we do has the power to change lives. We are proud of our commitment to the arts, showcasing the talents of our young people, performing to new audiences and sharing the passion, energy and love we feel for the theatre.